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  Welcome to Phu Thai Spa
  My specialty is a relaxing and healing massage that may help improve your quality of life by combining the Thai massage techniques into one specialty which I created; The Therapeutic Hot Thai Herbal Stem Massage. This massage treatment is one that I am familiar with while growing up in Thailand. It was an effective healing experience for me & my family.

  I graduated from Blanche MacDonald Centre
in Vancouver in Esthetics/Spa Therapy in 2010.
I have taken courses in Thai massage with a
professional teacher in Thailand and Canada.
My expertise includes; Swedish massage,
Deep Flow massage and skin care.

  Phu Thai Spa is a licensed business studio
for Esthetics and Massage located at 4421
Maple Lane, Ladner, BC. My spa facility is a
private and safe environment for you to relax in
and rejuvenate.
   I am a skin care therapist, massage practitioner
and the granddaughter of a Thai Healer. I have
an extensive knowledge base in Thai massage
and an intuitive ability to provide the best
service and care for my clients.
  I look forward to helping you balance your
health and well-being.

Sincerely yours,                                                                            
Patti P Kalayanee                                                                        
Spa Therapist
Massage practitioner                                                                              
604- 317-7474                                                     


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Vision at Phu Thai Spa

  At Phu Thai Spa, we offer relaxation
treatments to balance your energy. We help
you to maintain physical, mental and spiritual
health by using high quality products for all
facial and body treatments.

  Massage Treatments at Phu Thai Spa

  Massage is the application of external manipulation to the body. Massages can be given manually, with machines, or with the use of electrical current. Combining a basic understanding of bones, muscle, nerves and blood vessels with massage techniques can help us achieve the results we want to produce.


(90 min/$110, 120 min/$140, 150 min/$170)

  This unique massage treatment is for healing ,relaxing , rejuvenation and detoxification. This massage treatment combined with Thai massage techniques such as Traditional Thai massage, pressure points massage, Aromatherapy oil massage/Swedish massage followed by Hot Thai herbal stem massage may help to improve and relax muscle tension and joint pain, body inflammation, back and knee pain, increased range of motion, increase blood circulation,
stimulate lymphatic drainage, erase mind & body restless. Medium to Firm pressure. View the Hot Thai Stem Massage procedure on You Tube.

  Note: This Treatment may require more time for muscles to relax & relieve the tension. Foot reflexology and or massage, hand massage, abdominal massage, scalp massage, cellulite massage, lymphatic drainage massage techniques are used. Thai herbal stem compress is completely natural & organic, contains no preservatives or chemicals and has 10 healing herbs such as plai ( Zingiber cassumnar Roxb), Turmeric, Lemon-grass, Kaffir lime peel & leaves, camphor, tamarind leaves, sweet flag, mountain ebony leaves, somboil (Thai common name for Acacia Cincinnati), Jeans leaves. These are wrapped in unbleached cotton to provide extra benefits for skin exfoliation. Herbal stem is the traditional Thai massage tool which has been used for a variety of ailments since ancient times to detox, relax & to heal the human body. It helps release the toxins, get better sleep, relieve headache, prevent built-up muscle tension, speed up muscle healing, work out the painful knots and support the immune system.



- Relief of the pain, stiffness and discomfort
- Increased mobility and function
- Improved circulation promoting relaxation, reducing stress

- Improved mental concentration
- Increase energy, decreased anxiety
- Enhanced sleep quality


  The light to firm pressure combined with specialized movement and pressure application to help relax and stimulate the organs. When the internal organs are healthy they function better; therefore this may help you with:

- Reducing symptoms of all stages of menopause by rebalancing the hormones.

- Reducing the stress, hot flushes, sleeplessness, weight gain, sagging skin and belly fat.

- Minimizing stretch marks, menstruation cramps, constipation and improving the digestion.

- Stimulating the small and large intestine to function therefore it helps absorb foods & supplements from proper nutrition to repair and boost natural immunity.


   The specific motions of massage technique to stimulate the lymph system to flush out the toxins that are trapped in the body. By stimulating the lymphatic system we can minimize the appearance of fat cells resulting in smoother and firmer skin.


   The Thai foot massage/ Reflexology is a natural healing art base on the principle by stimulating area of the feet which can restore the energy, relax & rejuvenate the entire body, reducing foot pain/ plantar fasciitis. Reflexology/foot massage involves the the application of gentle pressure points massage (usually on the feet, but also hand and ears) to restore energy to the internal organs, glands and structures of the body. The feet “ REFLECT “ or are like the mirror of your body. By stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself, relieve their tension and circulation of blood to function more efficiently.


   The scalp massage not only feels wonderful, but the extra benefits of its gentle movements may help deliver a significant hair growth as well as increasing the blood flow to reduce headache & migraine, vertigo, TMJ , improves hearing and the most importantly it helps to relax, reduce stress & tension!



   The massage to relax and loosen up the soft tissue injury that takes time to heal. Tendinitis is the inflammation of a muscle’s tendon due to sustained lifting or repetitive movements. Tendinitis is in the shoulder (also know as rotator cuff syndrome or biceps tendinitis) elbow (golfers or tennis elbow) wrists (carpal tunnel) Tendinitis takes months and years to heal (if at all) as the tendons have very poor blood supply as the it the tissue that connects to bone. The most effective way to treat this build-up of white, tough fibrous is regular massage or avoid developing it in the first place.



   A Specialty Therapeutic Massage using gentle pumping technique to drain away pockets of water/fluids retention, remove bacteria and toxins from the body. Prevent breast cancer, headaches, vertigo, light headedness cold/flu. Considered by some European Doctor as a premier anti-aging treatment. Lymph drainage can be achieved through manual massage, hydro massage or aromatherapy oil massage.



Facial Treatments at Phu Thai Spa

  We live in a world driven by convenience and instant gratification. We want things that enhance our lives rather than interfere with them and the approach to maintaining a youthful appearance is no exception. There are always some quick fix beauty solutions, but at Phu Thai Spa a Facial Treatment with professional skin care products may help you achieve the goal.



  Start with deep cleansing, exfoliating, toning, facial massage, mask treatments and hydration to completely soothe your skin type.



 This ritual starts with deep cleansing, exfoliating, toning, firm facial massage, followed by Hot stem coconut massage, to soothe your skin, (coconut is good for mature, dry skin, helps nourish the skin , smooths fine lines, helps brighten complexion and rejuvenates the skin) coconut mask or collagen mask, firming up with face and eye protection. The benefits are two fold; there is a deep penetrating moist heat and natural oil is released though-out the treatment to promote healthy skin, reducing the fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial Massage


   Four-stage facial with Galvanic & Micro current. Deep cleansing exfoliating, steam, facial mask, facial massage, nutrition & face lift treatments, followed by neck & shoulder massage.

   Start with cleansing the pores deeply to removing excess sebum deposits, dirt, debris and impurities to stimulate and improve circulation. This is followed by massage to increase blood circulation to make skin more elastic and firm, and prepare skin ready for nutrition by introducing water-soluble treatments and products into the skin. The serum or cream must be water-soluble.

  Heavy cream or serums that do not dissolve in water leave an oily film on the skin. It is not ionized due to the product’s large molecular structure. The facial treatment may help increase skin elasticity, giving it tone and firmness while increasing circulation and reducing the wrinkles and fine lines. It is a safe, gentle, relaxing and painless procedure for amazing results!


   Add on one or two if the following to your facial, massage or body wrap:

  *Collagen Facial Mask ($10) the mark is infused and presoaked with anti-aging collagen protein together with a blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, Oat kernel extract(lifting), Shea butter extract(purifying) & moisturizing, bacapa monnira extract (soothing)

  *Collagen Lip mask ($10); the treatment for a full, sexy lip infused with anti-aging collagen protein, vitamin & Vitamin E. Purifying and moisturizing.

  *Collagen Eye mask ($10); the treatment for youthful eyes. Infused with anti-aging collagen protein, vitamin C & vitamin Reduces puffiness and bag under the eye.
For best result a course of 3-4 facials over a period of 6-9 weeks are recommended.


Spa Products at Phu Thai Spa

Gift Cards at Phu Thai Spa

  PHU THAI SPA Gift cards make an idea gift.



   I have been attending Phu Thai Spa for 2 years.  The Thai Stem and traditional Thai massages relieve my stress and I find them to be very therapeutic.  My blood circulation and mobility has definitely improved and the inflammation I experienced is now in the distant past since becoming a client.  I absolutely love the coconut and collagen facials – my skin is refreshed and moisturized and I feel rejuvenated.  Patti always customizes my massages to relieve aches and pains associated to my stress and she has the utmost of professionalism.  I appreciate and acknowledge Patti’s knowledge, professionalism and caring personality.  - Becki

   As anyone with chronic pain understands, pain relief, energy increase, and mood elevation are very important to our day-to-day living.  Patti’s therapeutic massages (both regular and Thai Stem) have helped me a great deal in these areas and I have also lost a great deal of weight as a bonus benefit!!  She is professional, caring and takes the extra time to provide exceptional services.  I highly recommend Patti.  - Retired Nurse 2015-09-01

   My family and I have been clients of Phu Thai Spa for a couple of years now. We have tried several other Registered Massage Therapists and have found Patti's services to be as good as or better than all of them. After our initial visits, we even sent our children to see Patti and we have recommended her to several of our friends. When my wife started seeing Patti she had a very stressful job and had severe recurring back pain. She found the Thai Stem Massage to be very helpful and after a few visits found her back pain would rarely come back and if it did, was much less intense. We have always found Patti to be completely professional and very easy to deal with. - John

   I have had awesome Thai Stem Massages from Patti that were very relaxing for me. I had a very stressful job and she knew exactly what to do -  So happy and relieved to have found her so close to my home.  She is so friendly and am excited that she has become a personal friend of mine. She is very knowledgeable and gives me information to keep me on the right track.  She is so caring and loves her clients.  - Lisa


   As a pianist and opera coach traveling time zones and countries, I had come to rely on RMT’s and as many alternative practitioners as possible to keep my body running at optimum. I have always appreciated and relied on the expertise of “wise hands on my muscles/fascia and me” for as long as I can remember.  So when my colleague, a bus driver, with nowhere near the experience I had had recommended “Patti” I was of course a tad snobby.  But the power of a deeply experienced referral is what makes the world go round and Patti continues to be one of the most beautiful ongoing referrals I have ever experienced.  As with anything worth talking about ~ it’s worth experiencing.  I will always ALWAYS be in gratitude to my bus-driving friend who said, “Hey, you should go see this woman I met”.  On a practical note - issues I had been addressing for years ~ disappeared forever under her hands in just a few months.   - Karen


A year and a half ago I started experiencing shoulder pain that prevented me from doing the activities I enjoy…golfing and yoga in particular. I tried clinical massage therapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture with no improvement. I am so grateful a friend recommended Patti to me as ever since the first couple of treatments, I am pain free and feel much stronger…I have golfed twice and am back doing yoga! Patti goes above and beyond anyone I have ever been treated by. She truly has a passion for healing and cares deeply for her clients. Phu Thai Spa is a one of a kind experience! With my most recent treatment Patti suggested a tummy massage…I was a bit hesitant, but I trust Patti so we did it….it was amazing…so soothing. Patti works from her heart to share her gift! I am a lifer for sure!   - Leanne Keith

   Patti Kalayanee has been working with me for more than 15 years.since her graduation as Esthetics/Spa Therapist she has given me wonderful facials and body massage,reducing stress and tightness in my upper body. Patti is a hard-working, loyal ,trust worthy person , and with her pleasant personality ,she is a delight to have around. I have no hesitation given her my best recommendation. - Tove


  Patti, this note is full of gratitude and appreciation for who you are and what you have done for me, my body and my mind. I never expected to feel this fluid in my body, especially after all the years I lived in pain and discomfort!
You have work tirelessly and selflessly on repairing my tight inflexible body. I have learned a lot and appreciate every minute you dedicate to helping me become healthier again. In admiration.
- Rochelle

  Some people are a special blessing. Patti, you are such a person. I am so thankful I found you. You are a true healer with gifted hands and intuition. Your mastering massage has helped me beyond words over the years. My decision to have a massage before my hip surgery on April 10 2018 was a wise one. You are an Angel of Healing. I look forward to our journey back to optimum mobility and fexability. With a second hip replacement in my future I will continue seeing you for massages as often as my senior finance will allow. Thank you, you are appreciated and loved. - Sonney



    We request that you to arrive at least 5 - 10 min for your first treatment to fill out a short consultation form. As a courtesy to my next booked client, your treatment will end on time regardless of when your service began.

    NOTE: For a massage treatment I do not recommend to have big meal at least 2 hrs before service . If you can please have a shower before your service. It is calming and beneficial as it washes away any unwanted minerals or chemicals on the body.



    Your comfort is the main object for your massage and spa treatments. You may wear undergarments if you choose, however it is customary to completely disrobe. You will be given ample time to disrobe in private and your privacy will be maintained though out the service. At no time will you be fully exposed, as you will be professionally draped for the duration of your treatment. We will discuss any area of concern that may need special attention. Should you feel any discomfort, please do not hesitate to let me know at any time during the treatment.


Spa Etiquette at Phu Thai Spa

     In order to maintain a tranquil environment during the service I asked my clients to please turn off/silence all electric devices. Please arrived on time to get relaxed and comfortable


Cancellation - Change Policy at Phu Thai Spa

  As an appointment can range from 60 minutes to a few hours, please call as soon as you can. A 24 hour cancellation time will be appreciated it. This will allow time to rearrange other appointments. A last minute cancellation fee of $25 will be charged on your next appointment.


Contact Us at Phu Thai Spa

Spa service by appointment only!

Free! Consultation for spa treatment, skin care and supplements or for any celebration or party!

Call Patti at- 604-317-7474
4421 Maple lane, Ladner (Delta) BC
(spa side door, follow the red sign)
Car parking on the street.
PAYMENT: by cash, debit & credit card + tax


Hours Of Service at Phu Thai Spa

MONDAY           9.00AM - 7.00PM
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